Launch a Business From the Ground Up

Hardin Hawes
Hardin shares his story on how Main Street allows him to manage his own schedule and make time for family while being a full time entrepreneur.
Hardin Hawes
Main Street owner since
May 2020
Most expensive job booked
Years of working experience
Companies before Main Street
Started a skate ramp/park building company in Europe, Bought and then sold a wholesale packaging/box company, started a 1-800-GOT-JUNK? Franchise
Favorite main street feature

“I continue to run my life. While Main Street puts prospects on my calendar, I go out and perform estimates and book jobs.” —Hardin

There’s no doubt starting your own business, especially in a new industry, can feel daunting. How do you train yourself to become an expert in a new field? How do you find customers? How do you continue to grow your brand on top of performing the actual work?

These are questions Hardin, a former Air Force Veteran, insurance agent, and 1-800 Got Junk franchise owner, asked himself as he was getting started.

In May of 2020, mid-pandemic and tired of sitting in an office chair, he decided it was time to build something of his own. That’s when he began Main Street’s programs, which helped him build his business from the ground up.

Being a business owner is important to Hardin because it allows him to manage his own schedule and make time for family. He chose Main Street because the program walked him from the training stages to the daily tasks of running and growing a company.

From his home in Huntersville, North Carolina, Hardin worked with trainers to learn how to paint homes and run a business. Today, Main Street helps him with daily operations such as answering customer calls and putting prospects on his calendar.

“Leads get added right to my calendar and incoming calls get filtered by the call center, so I don’t have to stop my life to answer the phone every few minutes,” Hardin said.

In a short amount of time, he learned how to measure homes and provide estimates. He’s improved his time management skills and learned how to interview and hire contractors.

The team also helped set up his lead generation engine, refine the process for finding clients, and book jobs.

Today, he uses Main Street’s customer relationship manager to track customer interactions, and the US-based call center to handle incoming leads.

Hardin said he was impressed at how fast he was able to get his business off the ground. The entire package was low cost without having to commit to a long-term contract. He continues to use Main Street to improve his operation and land new jobs.

"The company is still growing, and everyone working there has been an absolute delight,"

Hardin shares.

“Get in early while there are the most opportunities.”